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Peak Performance C.A.T program stands for Comprehensive Athletic Training. The program is specially designed to optimize an athlete’s total performance as well as limit the risk of injury while playing competitive sports. The C.A.T program is designed to make our clients ready to compete at their true potential by increasing upper and lower body strength, core strength, speed, endurance, agility, and balance. The C.A.T program will dramatically enhance the athlete’s overall performance utilizing multiple cross training modalities, original training techniques, and unique cutting edge training methodology to produce the optimal outcome for our clients. The C.A.T program prepares the athlete both mentally and physically for the demands of pre-season workouts and in-season play at the high school level, college level, and beyond.

Peak Performance continues to produce the highest percentage of South Florida athletes who go onto play collegiate sports here and abroad.  Many of our athletes have been awarded large college scholarships. Over the years, Peak Performance has had both former and current clients playing professional sports. We invite you to view our client’s testimonial page. See for yourself what our clients have said and the success they have had using the Peak Performance C.A.T Program!

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