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Marcus Stallworth

Sun Coast High School Savannah State University

" I never realized how much I needed an intense sport specific training program like this until I actually did it and saw what a difference it made. I only wish I had started sooner. I would highly recommend any serious young athlete looking for the edge, as well as college exposure to take advantage of this program".

Lacie Greenwald of Hobe Sound, Florida has been recognized as the best racer in her category in the country by the top ski coaches in the United States.


This “Sunshine State” skiing duo has a unique approach to training. Practice is limited to only 60 days a year when they travel to ski slopes located around the country, as well as in Canada and Switzerland. When they train they become highly focused. Because Lacie has a firm grasp of technique, she is as effective a coach for her dad as he is for her.

Balance is key to Lacie's success. In between training and competing Lacie plays on the soccer team of the Hobe Sound Strikers, works on raising funds for shelter dogs that need surgery, and watches baseball games on TV with her family, rooting for the New York Giants when they play.


Lacie's goal is to compete as part of the U.S. Ski Team in the Olympics. Lindsey Vonn, a World Cup Champion alpine ski racer who is Lacie's role model, advised her to keep following her dreams when they met at an event at the Rapids Water Park in West Palm Beach. Lacie has taken this to heart as her motivation, adopting the mantra "Keep Believing" as a daily reminder.

Leemire Goldwire


Dwyer High School Florida 2004 MVP


Dwyer High School P B County Fab Five Florida 2004 MVP North Carolina Charlotte Current Euro pro

"Shortly after beginning my training program with peak I quickly saw results like I have never seen before. From that point on I Just took off. It made me realize just how important conditioning is, and how much of a difference conditioning combined with the proper athletic mentality can make."

Since tenth grade i have been attending the great peak performance program with the best trainer ,Lou. He has been
a great mentor in my life from a training aspect to another father figure. When I first started working out with Lou,
I felt that it was too much, that it has to be another way to do this and be great, but he showed me that it takes hard work everyday to  reach your goals.
In those two years I started being recruited by everyone and thats when it hit me it does take hard work to make it, not just in sports but life. I signed to Howard University on a full scholarship but i recently transfered to Tuskegee university where i love it and I feel God has placed me here for a reason. Where I am now in my life I must thank Lou for a lot because it has been a long road from high school to college. SO THANKS LOU AND THE PEAK PERFORMANCE FAMILY