The Programs at Peak Perfomance

Peak Performance offers athletic and fitness based programs located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The Peak Performance C.A.T. Program is designed for the athlete who wants to obtain results that allow them to play their individual sport at their most optimal level. We work intensively with our athletes to help them meet the mental and physical demands that will be placed on them as they progress into the finest athlete the can be. Our C.A.T. program focuses on the skill sets needed to obtain maximum results in their selective sport along with individualized coaching to help the athlete learn and understand the mental and physical aspects needed to play their sport at a competitive level. No other program or fitness studio in South Florida has had more athletes receive scholarships and continue onto play at colleges, universities levels and into the pro’s. We have previous and current athlete testimonials to prove it! We deliver the results for an athlete who wants to be at his/her Peak performance!

Peak Performance fitness programs are designed to help those in need to become and stay fit. Peak Performance works with active/inactive adults as well as active/inactive children and families who need guidance from a professional about the importance of physical fitness. We design custom workouts and routines necessary to obtain our clients goals. We work alongside each client to maximize their workout routine and provide guidance and support along the way.  Many people avoid the gym setting because of lack of knowledge about the use of machines, how to work out properly, embarrassment issues and many other issues. We are very sensitive to overcoming these obstacles and putting you or your loved one on a proper road to fitness. We offer a free initial private assessment to allow us to discuss and plan the desired fitness outcome for you or your loved one.  Please contact us, we are here to help!