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Services & Programs

Free Total Athletic and Fitness AssessmentThis is where we all start!

The athletic assessment includes a functional movement analysis to identify musculoskeletal imbalances, a speed/agility analysis to assess athletic movements, and performance testing for sport-related power, speed, strength, agility, and conditioning. The Fitness assessment is where we discuss individual fitness goals and determine desired outcomes!

Individual Training and the C.A.T Program – Your individual training and goals achieved using our methodology! 

Individual training leads to a greater outcome for our athletes. We address his/her specific deficits along with capitalizing on our athletes greatest attributes. Do you need more speed? Is your conditioning lacking? Are you powerful enough? For most athletes, it's a combination of all the factors which influence athleticism that lead to deficits in performance. Our custom designed C.A.T program addresses all of your needs and makes you a total athlete!

Small Group Training – Get a few team mates, friends or family members together!


Put your small group (up to 4 to 6) athletes, friends or family members together and receive significant savings off individual training rates. Your small groups is trained using the same C.A.T program and methodology. We have had great success working in small peer group environments. Rate are determined by number of athletes, friends or family members.

Team TrainingLeave your competition behind!


Group training specific to the sport and the age/ability of the team! Pre-season, in-season, or off- season, at your practice site or at Peak performance training facility, get a customized training program that works with your team's schedule. Specific rate determined by number of athletes and location of training venue.