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What is C.A.T.

The Peak Performance Comprehensive Athletic Training (C.A.T) program is designed to optimize our athlete’s total potential for playing competitive sports.

By maximizing and building upper/lower body strength, core strength, speed, endurance, agility and balance, athletes are able to compete at their Peak Performance.

7 Components of Peak Performance C.A.T program are:

1)      Promote and develop Cardio Vascular Endurance.

2)      Promote and develop Strength and Power.

3)      Promote and develop Flexibility.

4)      Promote and develop Muscular Stamina.

5)      Promote and develop Agility and Balance.

6)      Promote and develop Speed and Coordination.

7)      Use of state-of-the-art selectorized and resistance training equipment.


Why is Comprehensive training important for an athlete?

In the past, gyms were designed and set up for the masses of people in the community. The equipment used was selected to handle a large influx of people rather than to help an athlete attain results. Training offered was often used to teach people how to use equipment rather than to comprehensively train an athlete. For the individual athlete who is seeking to obtain maximum result, these clubs are not designed for them!

How is Comprehensive Athletic Training different from other gyms and programs?

Peak Performance C.A.T. program provides the most unique, specialized, state-of-the-art equipment and training which is not offered inside other clubs and fad programs.

Traditionally, gyms and fad programs use advertising and promotions to gain clients. Some will have small groups of individuals all flipping a single tractor tire in a parking lot, run around buildings for the majority of their training (to help aid the gym obtain membership with visual gimmicks) and others have people training in a circle on various pieces of equipment with no defined outcome or reasoning for that particular circuit of machines. Over the years, we have seen many gyms and fad programs come and go and we are sure we have not seen the last of them! None of these are designed to build an athlete, but rather to entice a customer to sign up for a membership. In short, they market the latest fad, not the best methodologies and training techniques for athletes!

Peak Performance develops athletes to obtain a new set of capabilities and to break thru previous limitations. Peak Performance C.A.T. program opens up exciting possibilities for our clients and help obtain maximum results!

Want more information on our C.A.T program? Contact Peak Performance today.